Brian Vickers # 57 HG
Ore-Ida "Tater" Rc car
  Brian Vickers # 57 Ore-Ida "Tater" Rc car
The following information and photos is copyrighted

These ARE RARER than the Michael Waltrips
# 55 Napa Auto Parts Rc cars.

HOT NEWS !!!!!
So far the HOT NEWS is that these are-were on a "giveaway drawing" at local Walmarts, Sams 'Club or was on a drawing, maybe even in your area. Several people have emailed me with the news that a drawing occurred right around the Daytona 500 in February, 2007 in the Florida area, Bristol Tennesse area, St. Paul Minnesota area, Eastern Pennsylvania area. This "drawing is still ongoing". If you are reading this and want to "register" your Brian Vickers car here, please feel free to send me pictures and I will do so for you. If you are reading this and whether or not your considering selling your # 57 Brian Vickers' Ore Ida "Tater" car,
If you are reading this and
can get a few entry slips and or Poster or flyer from the actual drawing, please do so!!!

From about April of 2006 (give or take a month) the Team at Teamup International released information to me through various email conversations on "What new drivers" were coming out. I was told that this #57 Brian Vickers' Ore-Ida 6th scale Rc car was headed for production.

This #57 Brian Vickers' Ore-Ida 6th scale Rc car was originally produced for a Walmart release around September- October of 2006. Assuming this, I kept a look out for it. But no such release date came to be. Knowing that, I have kept a watchful eye at my local Walmart stores for months.

Since Brian Vickers has left Hendrick Motor Sports, its unknown at this time they will even release this Rc car now. I did ask HMS themselves about the Rc car and got in trouble for even mentioning it. Oh well guess they dont even like free advertising, free publicity.

Note: Notice the back panel, far right,
No Body shell shown for
re-order as compared to other Hobby Grade boxes!!!

While keeping up with Walmart and Brian, and Ore-Ida and Teamup on current news-release of this Rc car, ( I feel like the kid "Ralphie" in A Christmas Story movie for the RedRyderCarbineAction100shotRangeModelAirRifle) waiting for this to be released.

"Tater car" is a nickname I gave the car. It seemed cute. More or less a homage to Ron Whites' nickname "Tater-Salad"

My first copy #1416 of #1848 cartons of the # 57 Brian Vickers' Ore-Ida "Tater Car" Rc car was sent to me from Team-Up for a Christmas present on November 30th, 2006 for my hard work on the internet promoting their 6th scale Rc cars, numerous reviews here and other online websites including this website, explaining the different versions, getting existing customers the parts and service and information they need.

I want to thank Team-up (and the Academy, wait wrong acceptance speech, sneaking in) again for thinking of me. Lets not forget Santa too. The Head honcho, The "Connection", "The Big Cheese" came thru.!!! Anyway, Team-up, Santa, I LOVE YOU MAN and (ladies at Teamup too) !!!

The average sale price on these "Tater Car" Rc cars, if released publicly, should range
from 149.99 to 169.00 plus tax in Walmart stores. Current Ebay prices are from 100.00 to 150.00 at the moment. Maybe more if released thru or This is the 8th in a series of 1- 6th scale Rc cars.

These were a ONE TIME production for Ore-Ida, Brian Vickers Racing for promotions somewhere. NOT YET KNOWN where. They were produced on a special order.
This Rc car was ONLY produced in Hobby Grade version.

Unlike some of the past drivers' rc cars.(click here for my other reviews and guides) True production numbers may never be known ( I have asked ) but from the sides of the original shipping carton these came in we can make an educated guess.

Now posting this and you reading this, I and other
collectors can assume that at
least a production of 1848 cartons-cars were made.
Carton # 1416 of 1848 is the one that is in my collection of
Teamup 6th scale Rc cars. 
Carton # 196 of 1848  
is  available for purchase

Which in the grand scheme of things, it makes for a EXTREMELY short production run as compared to the other 6 publicly available different models they currently produce or have produced. For instance, the 7th in the series Napa Auto Parts Rc car which we know that of the 5792 cartons-cars were made of #55 Napa Autoparts 6th scale Rc car.

Why is that?
Considering that the other 12 models, (7 different drivers, but 6 different graphics packages in Base Versions and 6 others in Hobby Grade versions) were released in grand fashion at Walmarts, Targets, in November-December 2005 and thru January 2006, with an average of 12 of EACH drivers' Rc car per Walmart and Target then taking the total amounts of these stores (about 3400+ ) and doing simple multiplication and viola ! HUGE production runs.

Online retailers, (the ONLY legal online retailer of Hobby Grades at the time of this posting but mistakes are being made by warehouse employees that dont know what they are doing) and other online locations, (they sell ONLY Base versions!!! Except #8 Dale Jr. "Budweiser Racing" Rc car which ONLY came out in Hobby Grade), they have to be huge production runs. Most likey in the tens of thousands and still going strong.

Not all at once mind you but I know for a fact that the other
6 Hobby Grades listed here below...

# 3 Dale Earnhardt Sr. GM Goodwrench DEI
# 8 Dale Jr. "Budweiser Racing" version DEI
# 8 Dale Jr. "DEI Wheat Crest" version DEI
# 20 Tony Stewart "Home Depot" JGR
# 24 Jeff Gordon "Dupont Racing" HMS
# 48 Jimmie Johnson "Lowes Home Improvement" HMS

...are still being produced at the time of this posting.

You can purchase ANY version of these
Rc cars through myself or trusted ebay sellers.

The original Base versions of the same drivers above are no longer being produced so as to make way for the more popular "Hobby Grade" 6th scale line of Rc cars. THEY WILL BE TOUGHER TO FIND in the future.!!

In 2007 New artwork for these Rc cars will be released as the Racing teams produce new artwork for their real race cars. So to keep up with current race car artwork designs, Teamup International will have new paint schemes for some of these. According to Teamup themselves this artwork can be subtle from a sponsor changed artwork, added or deleted sponsor to complete new artwork.

Spare Body Shells

Now also taking into consideration that this is an EXTREMELY Limited Production Rc car, new replacement body shells are going to be EXTREMELY tought to find soon enough also. These CANNOT be purchased at the time of this posting. The car has to be OFFICALLY RELEASED FIRST before they can sell body shells. When it is released, they run about 36.00-49.00 plus shipping thru Teamup International.
To purchase a spare body shell, you MUST provide proof of ownership to be able to order a spare body shell.

If it were me and I couldnt wait to "race" mine around the neighborhood, I'd be sure to have at least ONE or two spare body shells for that new look while its on the shelf waiting for the "next race". But I am happy mine being a " Shelf Queen"

Multiple Frequencies

These and other "Hobby Grade" and "Added Features" or "Updated Features-Version" Rc cars from Teamup International have 6 different frequency modules you can purchase seperatley. They DO NOT HAVE ALL 6 in the Box. These also can be purchased for about 15.00-20.00 plus shipping thru Teamup International.

What should I expect to pay?

Current Ebay prices are from 100.00 to 150.00 Buy It Now. Anything more than that is simply "scalping" or Ebay rape. UNLESS You have more money than you know what to do with then spend as you wish!!! If Ebay has taught anything, there will be someone listing one very soon cheaper. If not today, probably tommorrow. My personal opinion is "whatever the market dictates"... Since these are rarer than the Napa Auto Parts Rc cars About 100.00 - 150.00 plus shipping tops is a good price.

Free Market for one and someone recieved one for Christmas that doesnt have the time to use it nor the space to display it. Maybe someones parents think its simply to much Rc car for their child. Which is a fact on most of these larger Rc cars. Better yet, someone recieved one for Christmas, a local Walmart drawing or their wife bought one on Ebay for a birthday present and they do not want it and want to make a few bucks on Ebay.
Which is fine but sometimes things can get pricey!!! As with ANY real life auction or online auction, dont get emotional. It clouds the judgement. There is ALWAYS tommorrow.

If you are reading this and wish to get one of these Ore-Ida Rc cars or any other Rc cars listed, I can probably get them at a reasonable price. Beware. If the price starts out low enough I most certainly will be bidding on the Rc car myself for my own collection. You never know when a bargin "happens".
My personal opinion is, at the time of this posting they are NOT RELEASED YET and running about 100.00 to 155.00 plus shipping I would think.

Again...These ARE RARER than the
Michael Waltrips # 55 Napa Auto Parts Rc cars.

There will be quite a few of these for the first few weeks after its release in 2007 then it will die off. But someone will always have one for sale.

What is the terminology?
Base version and Hobby Grade mean?

"Hobby Grade" or "Added Features" or "Updated Features-Version" are the same thing. Which in a nutshell means your "Hobby Grade" or "Added Features" or "Updated Features-Version" will operate like the real race car with variable speeds and digital proportional steering or variable steering.
Then the interchangeable frequencies so you can own identical cars and with the "frequency pack" race them (up to 7 cars) at the same time. With tiny bit of practice you can run very well with other cars.Very very easy to control, very desirable Rc car for the Nascar fan.

Base Version
Base Version refers to the first editions (2 different styles of Base versions) of Rc cars that Teamup International produced. They DO NOT turn gradually like the real race car. Either FULL RIGHT or FULL LEFT.
The Speed control is either FULL SPEED forward or reverse. You can run only Two cars at the same time taking note the two frequencys 27 mghz and 49 mghz of DIFFERENT drivers cars. Not very easy to control.

I hope you enjoyed the trivia around this Ore-Ida Rc car. (maybe not my opinion)
but nevertheless posted here for those looking for some history on this
#57 Brian Vickers Ore-Ida 6th scale Rc car


Brian Vickers # 57
Ore-Ida "Tater"
Rc Nascar Registry
This area of the page is for
"registering" your
Brian Vickers # 57 Ore-Ida "Tater" Rc Nascar.

"Nascarnbroncosfans" of Salt Lake City, Utah
Carton # 1416 of 1848
(not for sale)

"Nascarnbroncosfans" of Salt Lake City, Utah
Carton # 1
96 of 1848
 of the Brian Vickers # 57 Ore-Ida "Tater" Rc Nascar

"Nascarnbroncosfans" of Salt Lake City, Utah
Carton # 1684 of #1848
 of the Brian Vickers # 57 Ore-Ida "Tater" Rc Nascar

"Nascarnbroncosfans" of Salt Lake City, Utah
Carton # 96 of 1848

"David" in Landisville, Pennsylvania
Carton # 507 of #1848

 of the Brian Vickers # 57 Ore-Ida "Tater" Rc Nascar

Ron" in  Illinois
Carton # ???? of #1848

 of the Brian Vickers # 57 Ore-Ida "Tater" Rc Nascar

Ron" in  Illinois
Carton # ???? of #1848

 of the Brian Vickers # 57 Ore-Ida "Tater" Rc Nascar

" in Frisco, Texas
Carton # 1496 of #1848

 of the Brian Vickers # 57 Ore-Ida "Tater" Rc Nascar

Tim" in Wooster, Ohio
Carton # 921 of #1848

 of the Brian Vickers # 57 Ore-Ida "Tater" Rc Nascar

"Ron" in Algier, Michigan
Carton # 922 of #1848

 of the Brian Vickers # 57 Ore-Ida "Tater" Rc Nascar

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